I somehow forgot to update the website here since the end of March…  but we’re still going!  Every Monday at Flying Star in downtown Albuquerque.

Come write, scribble or scrawl. Make half sentences, use bad grammar, and mix your metaphors. Create stories with with no plot and poems with predictable rhymes.  And let’s write cliche’s!

The point is we will gather together to WRITE.

MONDAYS:  April 13, 20, 27  and May 4, 11, 18, and 25 … unless otherwise noted. (get on the mailing list to be sure you’re notified of any changes:  http://eepurl.com/E833T)

Flying Star  in downtown Albuquerque, 723 Silver (8th and Silver)  

from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.
Cost: $5 

Come early (at least 20 minutes because this Flying Star is SLOW!) to grab a snack or a drink and to chit chat….  bring your notebook, your favorite writing utensil, and the desire to WRITE !

We are usually upstairs…  but you never know.


3 to 4 writing prompts that hopefully are the start of something (continue and revise at home)
Opportunity to share with other writers
Time to WRITE:  an hour dedicated to your craft
A fun group of folks to share your words with


Change pronouns of the prompts as you see fit.
Change the point of view of the prompt as you see fit.
Use the prompt to remind you of something else and write about THAT.
Take one word of the prompt and go..
Ignore the prompt all together!
If you’re really stuck, write about being stuck.
If you’ve got nothing, write about nothing.
If all else fails, describe the room you’re in.
The point is to WRITE.

If you get one good sentence that sets you on the road to developing something bigger, then consider it a successful prompt!

If you got a bunch of scribbles with no meaning, consider THAT a success–  you’re making room for the good stuff!

The drop-in session is all about playing with words and meeting like-minded folks. It’s not about crafting a perfect story or poem.