With the closing of Flying Star’s downtown location, we’ve had to find a new place to gather on Mondays.  We’re going to try Lobo Beast 101 on Central, starting next Monday:

5:30 – 6:30 pm

Monday, October 26, 2015

(and every Monday unless otherwise noted– join the email list to make sure you have the latest news– the holidays will mess up our “every Monday” schedule)

at Lobo Beast 101, 2122 Central Ave SE, Albuquerque NM (just west of Yale)

There is parking in the back, enter through the alley.

View from the parking lot

Cost:  $5

plus whatever you want to eat and drink (the menu has a variety of appetizers and entrees, beer and wine, all at reasonable prices)


3 to 4 writing prompts that hopefully are the start of something (continue and revise at home)
Opportunity to share with other writers
Time to WRITE:  an hour dedicated to your craft
A fun group of folks to share your words with


Change pronouns of the prompts as you see fit.
Change the point of view of the prompt as you see fit.
Use the prompt to remind you of something else and write about THAT.
Take one word of the prompt and go..
Ignore the prompt all together!
If you’re really stuck, write about being stuck.
If you’ve got nothing, write about nothing.
If all else fails, describe the room you’re in.
The point is to WRITE.

If you get one good sentence that sets you on the road to developing something bigger, then consider it a successful prompt!

If you got a bunch of scribbles with no meaning, consider THAT a success–  you’re making room for the good stuff!

The drop-in session is all about playing with words and meeting like-minded folks. It’s not about crafting a perfect story or poem.

PS: if you’d like to read a great article on Flying Star downtown, check out Ty Bannerman’s piece in The Alibi