We’re on the move again….  I’ve decided to host this writing group in my home, at least during the winter. I will provide warm nonalcoholic beverages, light snacks, and WRITING PROMPTS!


Change pronouns of the prompts as you see fit.
Change the point of view of the prompt as you see fit.
Use the prompt to remind you of something else and write about THAT.
Take one word of the prompt and go…
Ignore the prompt all together!
If you’re really stuck, write about being stuck.
If you’ve got nothing, write about nothing.
If all else fails, describe the room you’re in.
The point is to WRITE.

If you get one good sentence that sets you on the road to developing something bigger, then consider it a successful prompt!

If you’d like to attend and you’re not on my email list, drop me a note at akajesais –at–  gmail for the address. I’m near UNM.

Here’s to a successful, word-filled 2016!