Drop in for Monday Writers in 2016 for  prompts (3-4 depending on how many of us there are), words, tea, and snacks!  This is a no judgement, no critique, weekly event designed to inspire you, offer you story starts, new words, it’s all about getting those creative juices flowing. You’ll be surprised by how much you can write in a short amount of time.  Plus it’s fun.

We meet every Monday from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted.   We start promptly, so come early to stake out your spot and get a beverage.

We meet at my house, near UNM (that’s Albuquerque in case anyone stumbles upon this website from elsewhere.

Contact me (Jennifer) if you’d like to know more (like my actual address).

Sample prompt:  “From the back of the car…..”




Change pronouns of the prompts as you see fit.
Change the point of view of the prompt as you see fit.
Use the prompt to remind you of something else and write about THAT.
Take one word of the prompt and go…
Ignore the prompt all together!
If you’re really stuck, write about being stuck.
If you’ve got nothing, write about nothing.
If all else fails, describe something, anything, use the words on the table, write about the table, the wall, the window….

The point is to WRITE.

If you get one good sentence that sets you on the road to developing something bigger, then consider it a successful prompt!

If you’d like to attend and you’re not on my email list, drop me a note at akajesais –at–  gmail for the address. I’m near UNM.

Here’s to a successful, word-filled 2016!