Death will never be pretty – its sights and smells too close and crude. And it will never come under our control: it gallops where we tiptoe, rips up our routines, burns our very breath with its heat and sting.
–Nancy Gibbs, American Journalist

The heating of our planet, the heat of an argument, a heat burning in your soul, heat as longing, heat as a sensuous thing, heat as emotion, heat as a metaphor….  needless to say heat has been on my mind.  But not in my house!  Between the swamp cooler, and this lovely portable a/c unit a friend gifted me (along with a couple of amazing fans) it’s been pretty cool in here.  And I’ve been swimming so I’m staying cool and getting exercise which is loverly.  And I’m feeling more inspired to work on some creative projects, so stay tuned!

Tonight we’ll use heat and air as inspiration, whether it is the heat of passion for a project or for love, or the heat of argument (great for tension in a scene you may be working) or the literal heat of summer. But we’ll stay cool. I have iced tea ready and a lemon/lime ginger drink, club soda, ice, juice, even a beer if that’s your thing… and some snacks.

If this sounds enticing, join me tonight, June 19 at 5:45 pm.  We’ll write for an hour. That may be an hour you would not have otherwise used for writing….

We’ll write about sun and humidity or desert heat, we’ll write about the soothing cool of pool water, we’ll write about beaches and peaches and heat stroke and shady spots.  Mostly though, we’ll plug in to that creative heat and, we’ll remember why we call ourselves writers.

We may share what we write.  We may not (it’s not required) because sometimes we go too deep and uncover things we’re not yet ready to share. Or maybe what we write is nonsensical and is just a bunch of false starts and half-crafted images. Remember, Natalie Goldberg says you’re free to write the worst junk in the world.

Regulars know the dealio:  Monday Writers means refreshments, and words,   Bonus:  time to write in the community of other writers. Just five dollars!