“Totality is great,” ~Joe Palka, science correspondent for NPR” 

So this morning I got a little distracted by ECLIPSE 2017, feeling like I should have just jumped into the car and  headed to the Zone of Totality…  once in a lifetime experience!  but I did not.  Apparently there is a total eclipse coming up July 2, 2019 passing across South America, so maybe I’ll plan a trip…  Then it was cloudy here and it rained last night so it seemed a good opportunity to do some yard work.  I took the colander with me just in case (the internets informed me that a colander makes a good pinhole camera).  I did manage to SEE the shadow of the moon as it crossed the sun (the zone of partiality?)  but failed as a photographer.

I also failed as a gardener, but I did get a start on the side yard…

Anyway, MONDAY WRITERS, TONIGHT!  as per the usual.  5:45-6:45 p.m. at my house. Snacks, tea, writing prompts.  $5

If you’re one of those on this list who has not yet joined me for Monday Writers or who haven’t joined in a while.  Remember, this is a drop in group, so no obligation at all;  you will always be welcome.  We write, snack, we enjoy the community of other writers, and we write some more. And perhaps best of all we inspire each other even just by being together.  Just five dollars!

It may be just you and me, it may be eight other writers.  We chit chat before and after, but mostly we write.  I’ll provide 3 or 4 prompts, set the timer, and we’ll write. We’ll share what we wrote (not required) and then we’ll move on.  You may leave with: a  good start to a poem, memoir piece, or fiction story. You may find insight into your character, or you may write a bunch of really bad embarrassing prose that just makes room for the good stuff.

If you’re writing on your own, consider this as a writing prompt:

They were on the path to totality….

Hope to see you.