Every Day Writers

support site for writers who write every day

About Every Day Writers

This is a support site for writers committed to writing every day.  Here you’ll find writing prompts, articles about writing, inspirational quotes for writing, for keeping commitments to ourselves… kicks in the pants.

This site is produced and edited by Jennifer Simpson, who presently hosts a drop-in writing session for writers on Mondays from 5:30-6:30 p.m. in downtown Albuquerque.

CLICK HERE to sign up for weekly reminders about the
Albuquerque Monday Writers Group–>

The inspiration (and the format) for the drop-in session comes from  Judy Reeves and her Brown Bag sessions and Thursday Writers group in San Diego. Many of the prompts I use are inspired by (or outright stolen from) A Writer’s Book of Days (buy this book, it contains tons of writerly wisdom and a writing prompt for EVERY DAY of the year) or The Writer’s Retreat Kit.  I’m forever grateful to Judy, from whom I took my first ever writing workshop.

Another great book on writing comes from another friend, Midge Raymond:  Everyday Writing: Tips and prompts to fit your regularly scheduled life.

Note:  I chose the name of the subconsciously channeling Midge.


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