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About Writing Prompts

Writing prompts are supposed to be fun. They are supposed to get your pen moving, and sometimes to get your brain out of your way.  A timer puts an added element to the exercise, a part of tricking your brain, letting the critique in you worry about the clock, so you can WRITE!

I set the timer for 11 minutes.  Sometimes 13 minutes.  There is something poetic about the odd numbers, the way they tilt to one side or the other.


1) Change pronouns to fit a character you’re working on
2) Change point of view to fit your story
3) Take one word from the prompt and run with that
4) Ignore the prompt all together! JUST WRITE
5) It’s okay to write CRAP! write messy sentences lush with grammar errors and spelling mistakes

The point is to get the pen moving, get the mind working, and get the creative juices flowing!!

6) There really are no rules– just WRITE


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